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Our Approach
Each project is an opportunity to collaborate, and we work with clients and project teams in a highly interactive manner to positively impact the urban environment.

[1016] seeks partners in the building delivery process and is open to alternative project team structures that enhance the team's ability to deliver a quality product for the client. 

For example,[1016] is working collaboratively on a project basis with Unified Construction Group to provide construction sequencing, detailing, schedule and pricing information to our clients as early in the project as possible.  We understand the importance and value of this information to our clients, and consider it seriously at all stages of design.

Our slogan "Improving within authentic environments" demonstrates our belief that infill development of existing urban fabrics presents the best strategy for creating sustainable, livable, and economically successful projects.  We treat each project as an opportunity to improve the neighborhood.  We are not tied to a specific aesthetic.

High Performance:
[1016] is dedicated to combining high performance design with traditional residential design and place making strategies.  Sustainable practices are integral not only to our design approach, but also to our business practices.

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[1016] FAQ

How is [1016] Architecture different?

  • [1016] Principals have professional credentials in both architecture and real estate.
  • [1016] is dedicated to collaborating with the entire project team to achieve the best possible result for clients. 
  • [1016] understands and participates directly in the Chicago real estate market. 

What types of services does [1016] Architecture offer?

[1016] Architecture offers a full range of architectural and development advisory services related to single- and multi-family residential and mixed-use projects in the Chicago area including:

  • Site selection and development consultation
  • Schematic design
  • Construction documentation
  • Construction observation
  • Multi-family and custom single family residential (new and renovations)
  • Local Building code analysis
  • Traditional design
  • High-performance (Green) design
  • Mixed-use architecture
  • Renovations and additions
  • Design-build services and management

Jameson Realty Logo[1016] Principal Josh Canale is a real estate agent with Jameson, so we are also able to offer full real estate services for buyers and sellers.

Josh is licensed in Illinois.

In what type and size of project does [1016] Architects have experience?
The founders of [1016] have experience in a broad range of project types from high-end single family homes around the country to 180-unit mixed use developments in Chicago. 

Recently, [1016] has begun to expand to service office build out and retail clients.

We also pride ourselves in being free to practice architecture without being bound to a specific style.  Some of our work is more modern-looking, some of our experience is with more traditional or even classical forms.  All of these styles have their place, and we work with our client to find the right vocabulary for a given project.

How does [1016] participate in the Chicago real estate market?
For starters, one of the firm's principals, Josh Canale, is a licensed Real Estate Salesperson in Illinois.  We have aligned this aspect of our services with 
Jameson Realty Group for enhanced insight on market trends and data.

We are actively seeking partnerships for design-build joint ventures (single purpose entities), such as the one 
announced with Unified Construction Group, and will consider creative value-add fee structures to assist our clients’ cash flow and mitigate project risk.  These entities will be separate from the [1016] Architecture, Inc. as required by Illinois law.

Is [1016] Architecture a “green” firm?
While [1016] is not exclusively a “green” firm, we are dedicated to the responsible stewardship of natural resources and recognize the tremendous effect that the building delivery process has on those resources.  We are proud to be a USGBC Member Firm.

Andrew has experience working with the LEED for Homes® pilot program, and our latest project is pursuing a Platinum rating.  Contact us to discuss how we can meet your project’s sustainable goals.

The LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.

Is [1016] licensed to practice architecture in my state?
We are currently licensed in Illinois and New York.  Andrew Wilson, AIA is also NCARB certified, which makes reciprocity with virtually any state possible.  Contact us if you have a potential project outside of these two states.

When was [1016] founded?
July 2007

Does [1016] have professional references?
Please contact and ask for a list of professionals and clients that [1016] Architecture owners Andrew and Joshua have worked with previously.

Where does the name of the firm come from?
Both owners were born on October 16.